The SMECO CoolSentry DCU

A programmable thermostat can help you save money — 10% off your annual heating/cooling bills. But in the event you already have one, or our installation technicians discover that incompatible equipment or poor signal strength in your area makes you ineligible for one, we can install a Digital Cycling Unit (DCU) on your outdoor central A/C unit.

The SMECO CoolSentry DCU is a device that is connected near your exterior air conditioning unit. It receives a wireless signal from SMECO to place your air conditioning compressor into a conservation mode during selected summer days. This helps manage electricity demand during times of peak usage.


  • Operates automatically
  • You do not have to be facility for installation if your air conditioner is easily and safely accessible

DCU participation is rewarded at the cycling level you choose when you enroll:

  • 50% Cycling - $50 in annual SMECO bill credits/$10 per month, June through October
  • 75% Cycling - $75 in annual SMECO bill credits/$15 per month, June through October
Enroll to recieve a digital cycling device (DCU)