How CoolSentry Works

Once you schedule an installation, Itron certified technicians will custom install a programmable thermostat inside your facility. If you were a participant in the previous Load Management program, we will remove your old load management switches.

You will maintain control of your thermostat. But on selected summer afternoons when the temperature soars, SMECO CoolSentry will activate a "conservation event".

During these times, your thermostat will receive a wireless signal that will put your air conditioner compressor into a "conservation mode". This signal will coordinate your A/C or heat pump with others in the area to manage electricity use.

During the conservation event, your A/C compressor remains in conservation mode and is cycled at the level you choose when you enroll:

  • 50% Cycling means the compressor operates half the time it did prior to the conservation event.
  • 75% Cycling means the compressor operates 25% of the time it did prior to the conservation event.

Regardless of which level is chosen, the A/C fan operates continuously throughout the conservation event, circulating air throughout your facility.

IF YOUR FACILITY ENROLLED IN SMECO COOLSENTRY BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2015, your business has been participating at the 50% Cycling level. If you wish to upgrade to the 75% Cycling level and earn $75 in annual bill credits, click here to make the change online or call 866-921-9474 to speak with a CoolSentry customer service representative.

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